ACM Competitive Programming Club
James Madison University, Fall 2017 Semester

When:  Fridays, 3:30 to 5:00 PM    Where:  ISAT/CS 248 Lab

Everyone is invited—all skill levels from CS 139 to CS 999 are welcome to join!

Online Resources

Template Files: Kattis   uVa Judge

C++ Tutorial  /  C++ Reference  /  STL Guide

Java API Docs  /  Collections Framework

UVa Online Judge  /  uHunt UVa Hunting

UVa Toolkit  /  uDebug   generate test cases!

Fall 2017 Schedule

Section numbers are from the 3rd edition of Competitive Programming by Halim and Halim.

Date Prep Topic/Notes Contest
Sep 01 N/A N/A - Scheduling meeting N/A
Sep 08 N/A Introduction and Ad-Hoc Problems Week 1
Sep 15 N/A Misc. Topics Week 2
Sep 22 N/A Complete Search, Divide & Conquer, Greedy, Data Structure Week 3
Sep 29 N/A Arrays, Bit Manipulation, Greedy, Finite State Machines Week 4
Oct 6 N/A Data Structures, Greedy, Dynamic Programming Week 5
ACM-ICPC North American Qualifier Contest
Oct 7, 12:00pm-5:00pm, JMU ISAT/CS 143 (registration deadline: Oct 2)
Oct 13 N/A ICPC NAQ Problems Week 6
Oct 20 N/A TBD Week 7
CCSC-Eastern Conference Contest
Oct 21, Muhlenberg College
Oct 27 N/A CCSC-Eastern Problems Week 8
Nov 3 N/A Graphs Week 9
Nov 10 N/A Dynamic programming Week 10
ACM-ICPC Mid-Atlantic Regional Contest
Nov 11, Radford University (registration deadline: Oct 13)
Nov 17 N/A N/A No contest
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 1 N/A ACM-ICPC Problems Week 11
Dec 8 N/A Less-Java! Week 12

Previous Schedules

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