ACM Competitive Programming Club
James Madison University, Fall 2017 Semester

CCSC-Eastern 2017 Contest Problems

The problems are posted publicly on Dr. Hovemeyer's website, and he has provided test cases for private distribution. I created a testing environment, which is packed in a tarball on stu:


After extracting the tarball, you will see a folder for each problem in the contest (DNF, GrassFire, etc.). To run tests on all problems, use the provided script. To run tests for only a single problem, pass the name of the problem (matching the folder) to the script. If you are passing all of the tests, the script will print nothing; otherwise, it will print a diff between your output and the expected output (similar to the Makefile provided in the UVa and Kattis templates).

To give you an idea of the difficulty of each problem, here is the line count for the reference solutions to each problem:

			  35 ./SecretCode/src/ccsce2017/contest/
			  48 ./Whee/src/ccsce2017/contest/
			  86 ./Flood/src/ccsce2017/contest/
			 254 ./Tasks/src/ccsce2017/contest/
			 290 ./GrassFire/src/ccsce2017/contest/
			 345 ./DNF/src/ccsce2017/contest/
			 374 ./Interleavings/src/ccsce2017/contest/

There is no scoreboard this week; you'll have to come to the club meeting on Friday to brag. :) Good luck!